Xbox One Will Stop Itself From Overheating


The Xbox One will be able to automatically regulate how hot it gets to stop itself from overheating according to Microsoft.


One of the methods used by the console will be the entering of a lower power mode according to Leo de Costill, the manager of console development for the Xbox One. However, the Xbox One’s ability to prevent overheating only kicks in if the console detects it’s being mistreated.

“We can certainly anticipate it,” said del Castillo when speaking of a potential scenario of the console being abused in a conversation with Gizmodo.

Another method the Xbox One will use to cool itself down will be using the player to do something about it. del Castillo tells us the console will give on screen prompts to the user informing them the system could be permanently damaged if nothing is done. However, this method is the very last resort…

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