The Games of E3 – Days 3 and 4

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What a week. What a week it has been, ladies and gentleman. Just like that, E3 2013 is over. You better be ready for some next-gen gaming, cuz it’s here!

We certainly had our pick of headlines this year: Starting with a barrage of games from Microsoft, following with a Sony counter punch, and in the end, a few surprises from Nintendo. Stellar press conferences from EA and Ubisoft added even more depth to the show, and definitely left this gamer lost somewhere in gaming euphoria. All in all, this adds up to one of the best E3’s in recent memory.

So what should we make of it all? With our hard-earned money at stake, which games deserve our money? Look no further, as we are about to dive into my…

Top 5 Games of E3 2013

First…an honorable mention…

Thief is back, and appears to be taking a page…

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